Everything you should know about Liposuction in Vadodara.

Popularity of Liposuction in Vadodara increasing now a days. More and more males and females opting Liposuction surgery to have perfect body. Following are few things you must know before going for liposuction surgery in Vadodara. 1. what is the traditional Liposuction surgery? Liposuction (also known as liposculpting) is a procedure in which we breakdown […]

Buccal fat removal surgery in Vadodara.

Do you want to enhance facial features?? Do you want to have slim face and well contoured cheek?? Are you feel your face is chubby and fuller? If you feel above all conditions happened with you, then this is right time to know facial fat removal surgery also known as buccal fat removal surgery. We […]

Breast augmentation surgery recovery in Vadodara

Each and every patient is different so breast augmentation surgery recovery is. it is also depend on breast implant size, projection , pocket of insertion and doctor efficiency and experience. On average 3-6 weeks are the breast augmentation recovery time, though patient can perform her daily routine from very next day. What should you not […]

Breast augmentation in Vadodara Commonly asked questions.

  We @ Essence aesthetic clinic in Vadodara are very much in to educating patients who are seeking Breast Augmentation surgery. we have listed commonly asked questions about breast augmentation surgery in Vadodara.  if you feel you need more information regarding this surgery feel to write us or contact us on below given number or […]

Care After hair transplant in Vadodara.

At ESSENCE AESTHETIC CLINIC in Vadodara city, we perform hair transplant surgery at most ethical ,safe and advanced way.  We believe everyone should have good hair as it is crown for each and everyone.  After having surgery we should know what to avoid and what to do for best result. Read below article to know […]

Massage after Gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara!!

Dose massage helps in recovery after surgery? Gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara is very common surgery being performed . Some may feel lumpiness or some may feel hardness after surgery and feels their male boobs return. Massage after gynecomastia surgery helps formation of subtle scar. people ask when to start and how to do ? here […]

How To Plan For Breast Augmentation – Take Expert Doctor Advice

Breast augmentation is a surgical operation used to improve the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. It’s crucial to understand that while surgery can increase the size and shape of the breasts, it won’t necessarily move them closer together or lift sagging breasts. Breast augmentation surgery might seem a scary experience, but if you […]

Hair fall after doing right hair care??

Usually we wonder why our hair loss start suddenly , what are the causes and what are the factors?? its usually nature like seasons , hormonal changes , food and environmental effects. Second thing is  how we nurture?? how we take care of our hair like using cosmetics to shampoos to several treatments. We always […]

Is PRP Hair Treatment Permanent Solution

Hair loss is a common thing that gets going while we age. Studies suggest that it is customary to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day!! The numbers are so high that even teenagers experience excess hair fall due to the usage of harsh chemicals and heating appliances on their tresses. In […]

Are you a good Candidate for liposuction????

Liposuction surgery in Vadodara who is good candidate?? Liposuction  in Vadodara is surgery to remove excess body fat deposition . This includes removing fat from the abdomen, buttocks, chest, back, face, neck, arms, breasts, hips and legs. The goal of liposuction is to improve the appearance and shape of a body area. In some cases, liposuction […]