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Are You Aware of the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery? 

Are you aware of the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery (1)


People usually tend to categorize cosmetics as plastic surgery, this is partially correct as both are interrelated fields and have overlapping areas of intervention but the difference lies in the functionality and purpose of these treatments such as;  why it is chosen, whether they are related to the reconstruction of a body part or enhancement of the same? 

There is trending importance attached to external appearance among young adults, which also extends to people in the age group of 50+. The underlying factors that drive people to seek cosmetic or plastic surgery can be their self-image, peer influence, experience with body shaming, bullying, or an incident, self-esteem, and confidence, and attaching their expression of personality to their external appearance, which is not always necessarily negative as defined by taboos and stereotypes surrounding both. 

Due to this conception, it is important to know the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, as well as the areas of treatments that bifurcate both. This will help you to identify and seek the appropriate type.

Essence of Cosmetic Surgery 

This type of surgery is performed on the face and body parts that are medically healthy, an individual consults a cosmetic surgeon (can also be a plastic surgeon) to help them achieve a desired enhancement or modification of their face or body features. Various factors interplay towards an individual opting for this surgical treatment such as a desire for a confident look, rooted in their lifestyle, influences from the environment and peers, maintenance of body, and other self-relevant factors. 

Following are the treatment areas with sub-groups of cosmetic application:

  • Hair Transplant 
  • Face contouring: Cheek and chin enhancement and shaping, Rhinoplasty
  • Face Rejuvenation: Brow lift, eyelid lift, face lift
  • Breast Augmentation: Reshaping, reduction, lifting
  • Body contouring:  Liposuction and Tummy Tuck, gynecomastia, body lift
  • Skin rejuvenation: Botox and filler treatment, laser resurfacing 

Essence of Plastic Surgery 

A plastic surgeon is equipped with both types of surgeries and some areas of intervention may overlap with that of cosmetic surgery or can be done after a plastic surgery for aesthetic improvisation. It is a reconstructive surgery to restore any part of a human anatomy, as well as its functioning. 

Following are the treatment areas where plastic surgery is applied:

  • Address injuries or congenital conditions an individual was born with such as cleft lip, or rhinoplasty in case of breathing issues.
  • Reform childhood deformities or anatomical abnormalities faced in adulthood, such as reshaping face bones, and more. 
  • Address skin-related injuries or tissue repairs, such as removing tumors, or after-cancer treatments, scars, and burns. 
  • Plastic surgeons now also address issues related to carpal tunnel.

Up till now, you may have gotten the point of difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, however, there are certainly other differences in terms of:- 

  • Training and qualification of the surgeon, do check with the surgeon about their experience with the type of surgery you are going for. 
  • It is important to also mention the psychological differences attached to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; if you are motivated to get surgery that will enhance your appearance boost your self-confidence, and a better perception of yourself, cosmetic surgery is the one, while if you are experiencing distress related to anatomical deformities that is hampering your active functioning, also affecting your positive body-image, plastic surgery is the answer for you.   
  • It is important to differentiate the surgeries based on medical necessity; a cosmetic one is not medically necessary while plastic intervention is absolute in cases where you have experienced a skin disease, or a mild-to-severe burn, to improve your quality of life.   
  • Other key aspects to consider are the short-term and long-term outcomes as well as post-surgery regulations an individual has to adhere to for optimal recovery and desired benefits with the same. 

Here is where our role begins, ‘Essence Aesthetic Clinic’ in Vadodara can be your point of contact when you are planning for cosmetic surgery which is our primary treatment service, along with certain plastic surgeries. Under the professional care of Dr. Mithun Panchal, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and well-experienced with personalized and customized cosmetic surgery, you can initiate and get your desired surgery with ease. We offer treatments in areas of Hair transplant, Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Breast reduction/augmentation, Breast Reshaping, Rhinoplasty, Anti-aging, gender reassignment, Laser, skin, Post-bariatric body contouring, and Gynec Rejuvenation. 

Do reach out to us via the contact details below for further queries related to cosmetic or plastic surgery.   

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