Facial Aesthetics Clinic In Vadodara

Essence Aesthetics highly believe in the funda of better development of personality. And having a good facial balance will only add up to your confidence. Our experienced and trained hands will completely change your whole functioning towards facial conditioning.


A pinpoint nose is only a dream come true reality. But now in this modern mechanism of Essence Aesthetic, everything is very much possible.

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Jaw Contours

The Jaw Contours process of Essence of Aesthetics is very much swift in the procedure and best in conclusions.

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Cheek Implants

A chubby cheek is all we want on our faces. But it turns out to be completely impossible on whom we
should choose and whom we shouldn’t.


It modifies your skin with great precision and outstanding results in a very short period of time and under less-expense.

Lip Contouring
Lip Contouring
Good lips which are plumpy and red will always build your physical confidence to the supreme level. Red and plumpy lips are not only restricted to movies.
Face Rejuvenation
Face Rejuvenation

The sad part of our life is that with time we age and so does our body’s skin as well. Our facial skin tends to age down faster than our normal body skin.

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Buccal Fat Removal

You may have a great body shape and a great beautiful physique as well, but this is completely insufficient unless you have a great face.

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Face Lift

The process of overall shaping your face into a most desired look is known as Face Lift. This procedure is very safe and good for the long run in life as well.

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Chin Surgery

There was a childhood jingle that said that you should have dimple chin. Again this may be a dream for you to have it in real life.

WHAT OUR CLIENT SAY'S about Facial Asthetic

The surgery is very easy to go through, you don’t feel pain at all, it was very well done and the results reflects. Dr. Mithun is so thoughtful that nobody does recognize actually that you have transplanted hair, even not the barber. Its all about taking care for few months and I saw the positive results.

Mr. Jatin


Facial aesthetic treatment describes non-surgical procedures that help reduce the signs of aging on your face. It includes topical medical-grade skincare products, injectables, and thread lifts etc. 

 It depends on your aesthetic treatment and factors like your lifestyle, skin type, and age. 

The procedure can take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of facial treatment you are undergoing.