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What is a Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexy — is the medical term for breast lift surgery in Vadodara. As the name says, this surgery is done to lift up your breasts to a particular shape. The surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to raise the breast to the desired shape.  Surgeon readjust the nipple areola complex and tighten the skin in a manner you get perkier tight and round breasts, with totally new uplifted version.

Breast lift
Breast lift

What are the Advantages of Surgery?

Here are some of the major advantages of breast lift surgery that you can achieve.

  • Saggy breasts can regain the lost shape and volume.
  • It supports lifting the nipples that fall below breast creases. 
  • It is for anyone who wants to change their areolae point downward.
  • If your areolae have stretched out of proportion to your breasts. 
  • One of your breasts falls lower than the other

When to Get Breast Lift Surgery?

There are many reasons why one chooses to get a breast lift done. Sometimes it’s professional demands; seldom, it’s a personal choice. Here are some primary reasons our clients choose to get it from Essence Aesthetic.

  • To lift up the saggy breasts sag or nipples that point downward. 
  • To enhance self-image and self-confidence.
  • To somewhat change the shape of the breasts. 
  • To have multiple clothing options

Got more doubts? Share your issues with our board certified plastic surgeon  and get a quick response and advice today. 

Cost of Breast lift surgery in Vadodara , Gujarat varies form 75000-95000 INR. It depends on many factors but this how it roughly cost it may vary with some additional procedure or additional work to be done. Sometime we add implants to improve shape and size ,which can add some financial burden. 


What Our Clients Say About Essence Aesthetic?

The care was outstanding all the way from start to finish. The Dr.Mithun Panchal put forth a high level of effort to deliver results. The support staff was very professional and pleasant. The facility was well equipped and designed for patient privacy, service and efficiency. The clinic has highly advanced equipments and hygiene is very well maintained. I will highly recommend Essence Aesthetic at every opportunity. Great JOB !!!

Amee Vachhani

Dr Mithun Sir one of the best skin,laser,hair transplant, plastic and cosmetic surgeon in vadodara , His staff is also very co operative and helpful mainly Chirag bhai . I did my hair transplant .I got Excellent results in hair. Dr Mithun Panchal were very helpful and easy to communicate with. I had lots of concerns about hair transplant and other skin related issue , he helps every time and i got good response from Mithun sir and his staff. I personally highly recommend clinic for hair Transplant, and skin related issue.

Akshay Khare

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Mithun and his staff especially Majeda. The results of laser is awesome and it feels relief from every month painful waxing.
I would recommend Essence Aesthetic Clinic for laser and other services that the provide.

Ruchi A

Amazing clinic !!! Dr. Mithun is highly professional and has very good way of guiding patients. I did my Hair transplant and whole team was very professional in their work, my surgery was successful and very satisfied with initial results. Also I would like to mention Chirag Bhai , who has assisted alot behind the scenes , resolved any queries or quetions we had instantly with in-depth details.

Mohit Kulkarni

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