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Are you tired of hearing comments due to your dark skin tone? Are those dark circles lowering down your self-confidence? Essence Aesthetic has the solutions to all your problems! We provide a variety of treatments which are just suited for your skin. Check out the option you need the most!


Acne Treatment

Pimples and acne are just difficult to get rid of completely. They really lower down the beauty of your face and hamper self-esteem and confidence in a huge way.


Acne Scars Treatment

Acnes leave behind them those terrible marks which are just impossible to get rid of! Afraid that they might never leave? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution drafted right for you.


Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles under your eyes can make you look unhealthy, tired, and old. Change that right now with our dark circle’s treatment wherein we provide you the assured of positive results.


Pigmentation Treatment

There can be dark patches on your skin due to pigmentation. This happens due to an excess amount of melanin on certain parts of your skin.

hair removal treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Get a permanent hairless skin all the time so that you can rock in that sexy sleeveless dress without any constraints


Skin Whitening Treatment

Tired of hearing comments about being dark and dusky?! Frustrated with those beauty products and fairness creams which give no result whatsoever!?

Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of Laser Toning?

The benefits of Laser Toning include skin generation, fights with wrinkles, acne scar removal, removal of freckles, and spot-free skin. 

What Kind Of Treatment Works For Acne Scars?

One can opt for the following treatments depending upon the scar type, skin type, and severity of the scarring: 

  1. Steroid injections
  2. Laser resurfacing 
  3. Dermabrasion 
  4. Chemical peel
  5. Surgery 
What is the best treatment for under-eye dark circles?

Some of the best medical treatments for dark circles include chemical peels, laser surgery, tissue fillers, fat removals, or surgical implants. 

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