Body Contouring Surgery In Vadodara

Here’s an easier way to get rid of that extra fat and skin. Mould your body the perfect way with balanced and even skin. We have a plethora of options for you to select from. We provide surgeries like Arm Lift, Liposuction, Butt Silicone Implants, Tummy Tuck, Butt Stem Cell Injection, Belt lipectomy, and Brazillian Butt Lift.

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Get away with your extra fat with this completely safe suction technique. Aren’t somebody parts just stubborn and it has just become impossible to get rid of those through exercises and diet?

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Arm Lift

Ashamed of those drooping arm fat? Constant weight gain and weight loss or heredity can you give your arms a sagging look. Sadly, in this case, no exercise can help you correct your arm shape.

Butt Silicon Implants
Butt Silicon Implants

Do you wish to have that big booty you’ve always dreamt of? And do you feel that exercise and gyming is going to take a lot of time to give you that?

Tummy Tuck ( Abdomino Plasty )
Tummy Tuck ( Abdomino Plasty )

Is excessive exercise proving to be a futile attempt when it comes to reducing the belly fat? If the tummy fat is not responding to exercise and diet here’s how you can deal with the additional fat.

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Butt Stem Cell Injection
This surgery involves a natural fat transfer in the buttock area by inserting stem cells. This technique increases the volume of your buttocks with the enormous difference due to the increase in the fat.
Belt lipectomy
Belt lipectomy
Have you just lost an enormous amount of weight and want to get rid of the extra skin around your waistline? Belt lipectomy surgery will help you to remove the extra tissues.
Brazillian Butt Lift
Brazillian Butt Lift
The perfect round shape and size of buttocks are important for the overall attractiveness of a person. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons can help you achieve this with this Brazilian Butt lift surgery.


Body contouring, also known as body sculpting, is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. The procedure involves the removal of extra skin and excess fat and the reshaping of an area.

We have many options available for you, including Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Arm lift, Butt Silicone Implants, Butt Stem Cell Injection, Brazilian Butt Lift, etc. You can select any one of these treatments.  

The price will depend on how many problem areas you want to treat. The cost can vary from patient to patient and procedure to procedure.