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Pressure Garments After Tummy Tuck in Vadodara.

If you are planning or have already had liposuction or tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon always advises wearing a pressure garment in Vadodara. After surgery surgeon advises regarding the recovery process and how to wear or handle pressure garments, as they are very expensive, essential and uncomfortable to wear; always have the best quality garments.

Liposuction surgery @essence aesthetic clinic Vadodara gives a comprehensive approach to healing after surgery; here, we have discussed a few benefits of wearing a pressure garment after liposuction in Vadodara.

What are pressure garments?

Pressure garments are pieces of clothing, mainly lycra or latex material, which snuggly fit on the body to give pressure on treated areas after liposuction surgery. They are customized according to body types and the surgery to be performed.

How long should one wear a pressure garment?

It varies from type of surgery to doctors preferences. Usually, surgeons advise 4-6 weeks of pressure garments. It should be worn 24×7, ideally. One can take it off for an hour while showering. Every patient should have one pair of garments for change.

Why should a patient wear a pressure garment after surgery?

(1) IT MAINTAINS YOUR NEW SHAPE. Pressure garment applies pressure on the area where surgery has been done, helping to give the shape your body desires.

(2)IT IMPROVES YOUR CIRCULATION. Bleeding clots are one of the most dangerous risks. They can develop anywhere in the body. However, compression garments improve your circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots.

(3)IT REDUCES PAIN. The pressure from the garment helps you reduce post-operative pain or make it more bearable when you cough, laugh or sneeze.

(4)IT PREVENTS SEROMA AND LYMPHEDEMA. Pressure garments help reduce seroma formation and also prevent lymphedema. So the patient feels less swelling after surgery.

(5) IT HELPS REDUCE BRUISES. Applying pressure garments in the treated area of liposuction will reduce bruises and marks over the body.

(6) HELPS PREVENT SAGGING OF SKIN. Pressure garments help you tighten the skin so that sagging will be less. Good quality pressure garments tighten the skin so loose skin problems will not occur.

When compression garments are properly fitted, it will reduce the complication. Not wearing compression garments at all can increase the recovery period, seroma formation, and bruise marks all over the body. It also makes the healing process painful and may lead to altered results that are less than your desired.

Compression garment contributes greatly to skin tightness and a smooth body contour after liposuction. For best results, keep them on as your doctor recommends or advises. To know more, you can visit our website or schedule an appointment with Dr. Mithun Panchal, a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Call 9016929201/9016925883 to book an appointment.

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