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Hair Weaving vs Hair Transplant: The Expert’s Say

Hair Weaving vs Hair Transplant: Understanding the Main Differences and Benefits

Hair weaving and hair transplant are two differences that people often confuse with each other. This blog post will give you in-depth insights into Hair Weaving vs Hair Transplant, the main differences, and the benefits of both these treatments. Wait till the end to know the best place where you can get a hair transplant in Vadodara.

What Is Hair Weaving?

If you have heard about extensions, you may understand that hair weaving is precise. The hair extensions are glued to the scalp giving the hair more volume. It is not a medical therapy; instead, it is a choice of style, and the procedure includes adding hair artificially to bald areas. The new hair can be made of natural hair, human hair or even synthetic hair. A professional best does it at their clinic under expert observation and precision. 

What Is Hair Transplant?

Unlike hair weaving, a hair transplant in India is a medical procedure done by dermatologists. The hair from one part of the head is taken and transplanted to the area with no hair during the process. Hair transplant costs in Vadodara can vary on the basis of various factors. Listed below are some of the relevant major aspects that decide the final price of the therapy.

  • The area of hair loss
  • The place to be treated
  • Number of grafts
  • Texture and characteristics of hair
  • Age of the patient
  • Type of procedure you opt for
  • Medical condition

What Are The Types Of Hair Transplants? 

There are different hair transplant procedures that you can choose from various options.

Based On The Harvesting Of The Donor Site:


  1. Strip harvesting
  2. Follicular unit extraction [FUE]

Based On Medical Equipment Used:

  1. Manual hair transplant
  2. Robotic hair transplant

Advantages Of Hair Weaving:

  • Get instant and hassle-free results.
  • It is best for people suffering from temporary hair loss.
  • Lower cost and maintenance.
  • No need to go under the knife.

Advantages Of Hair Transplant:

  • It is a permanent remedy for people who have permanent hair loss.
  • It is low maintenance, and you need not waste your money on costly special shampoos and creams or oil.
  • It is a one-time process, and hair transplant has a high success rate.
  • It is a cost-saving option to go for in the long term.

We hope this blog helped you choose between both. And if you have made up your mind about opting for a hair transplant, we suggest you get the best expert advice from Essence Aesthetic Clinic, now open in Gujarat Vadodara.

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