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How To Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant — Here is what the experts say

How To Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant

So you underwent one of the essential surgeries in your life, a hair transplant and are all excited to begin a new transformation journey. However, post-surgery, you found some weird scabs on your scalps in red, black or brown. And you wonder whether it is the aftermath of the surgery or did the doctor do something wrong with your hair, and more such anxious questions are bound to arise. First of all, scabs falling off after a hair transplant is entirely normal, and there is nothing wrong with what happened to you. And you can also get rid of scabs quickly through this article. 

Find out fantastic advice and tips on how to remove scabs after a hair transplant from our expert dermatologist.

What Are Scabs?

When you undergo surgery, wounds are bound to happen, which eventually heal and create a protective layer called ‘scabs’. Scabs after a hair transplant forming on your head are an outcome of all the trauma that the scalp skin has gone through after the surgical process and is perfectly normal. We will guide you and provide you with perfect solutions to get no scabs after a hair transplant.

When Do Scabs Start Forming?

You will generally observe the scabs forming on your scalp from the third day after the surgery. One should not worry about seeing these as it is completely fine to get them. However, scabs are considered counter-productive as they lessen the breathing for new hair follicles and ultimately hinder progress.

So you need to remove these scabs from time to time but with utmost care; if not done correctly, it may damage your skin more. Follow these best ways to remove scabs after a hair transplant.

Wash Your Hair After 72 Hours. 

Do not wash or clean your hair immediately after the surgery but wait for 72 hours and wash it with mild or baby shampoo. It is essential to clean the hair to remove the newly emerging scabs and allow the new follicles to breathe, heal and grow faster.



Soak Your Head

Soaking your head for a few minutes in warm water and a baby oil mixture is advisable; this way, the scabs come off quickly.

Avoid Scratching 

We understand scabs on the scalp are irritating, and at times, you may be tempted to scratch them off using your nails. However, avoid the urge to scratch them or get rid of them using any sharp item.

Keep The Scabs Dry

Along with soaking and massaging your head, it is nice to keep the scabs dry as much as possible to avoid feeling itchy. If you keep the scabs dry as much as possible, the natural healing process starts faster and better.

Massage It Post 13 Days

Before the completion of two weeks of your hair transplant surgery, get a head massage. This will remove the remaining scabs on the scalp.

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