Breast reduction surgery is a quick, non-surgical procedure that can help shape your body into the physical shape you want and remove some of the excess fat, skin and tissue on your breasts. There are many women who have experienced having large and heavy breasts , whose lives are being improved by reducing the size and adding more symmetry to their bust line.

Breast Reduction Surgery is an option that could be considered by big, heavy or small breasted women. This article presents 7 things you should know before you consider this surgery.

(1) It’s not as risky as you might think.

Breast reduction surgery is not risky at all if done by board certified plastic surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon is trained to do this surgery and he is well aware about the procedure and anatomy of the breast. Usually there are many misconception regarding post operative scar and pain , but you can talk to your surgeon about your concerns.

(2)Breast reduction surgery can be combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction.

Yes!! Cosmetic surgeries now we can combined with other procedures like tummy tuck and liposuction after examining patient and her physical fitness. Now a days it is routinely done as a mommy makeover  procedure , where tummy tuck and breast reduction or breast lift surgeries are combined.

(3)You can see what they’ll look like before you go under the knife.

How you will look after surgeries before you decide to go for  breast reduction surgery in Vadodara is now possible with few software. You can ask for that and if it is available with doctor he can  show you the result and discuss about your desire shape and size.

(4)You may be able to breastfeed afterward.

production of milk problem  may occur in women who have undergone breast reduction surgery. During the surgery, a surgeon removes a portion of the breast that may include gland and ducts that produce and transport milk to the nipple. It’s not  always that breastfeeding is impossible, but reduction in quantity can happen.

(5) You may have numbness in the nipple area after surgery.

Immediately after breast reduction surgery, it is normal to experience little numbness in the nipples. This is due to the nerves will have been damaged during the procedure. Most importantly, the breasts and nipple sensation will be affected by the level of swelling and bruising that is expected after the breast reduction surgery.

(6)You’ll need to take time off from work and other activities for recovery.

Every patient responds to surgery in different ways, so it’s difficult to tell exactly how long it will take you to recover from surgery. Infect, you will need 10-15days to make a partial recovery and 4 weeks for full recovery after surgery,  You should likely need at least a week off from work,  you have to limit your activities during this period of recovery.

(7) Most insurance companies cover it.

In breast reduction  surgery, for insurance purposes, It will typically be considered as a cosmetic procedure until the patient  prove that the procedure is due to some medical issues like neck pain, skin infection, chronic non healing ulcer under busts. Orthopaedic consultation and dermatologist consultation can help proving the medical condition attached with heavy breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is an option for women who experience pain due to large breasts, but it’s important to be prepared and realistic about the risks and possible outcomes. Before getting a breast reduction surgery, you should do as much research as possible and talk to a medical professional about the procedure. Call :9016929201/9016925883 for further information or mail us on [email protected]