Each and every patient is different so breast augmentation surgery recovery is. it is also depend on breast implant size, projection , pocket of insertion and doctor efficiency and experience.

On average 3-6 weeks are the breast augmentation recovery time, though patient can perform her daily routine from very next day.

What should you not do after a breast augmentation surgery?

Doctor usually advised  to remain away from strenuous exercise , don’t wear wired bra, don’t lie on your stomach or on side to prevent breast implant migration.

you should also avoid swimming , lifting heavy objects. Don’t swim or sit on sun for longer period. your body need rest and take as much as you can take in initial period.

How long it hurt after  breast augmentation?

Some pain and tenderness will be there for two to three weeks at incision site and over chest. You should follow post operative instruction given by doctor. Breast augmentation surgery causes some long term uneasy feeling in some individual with large breast implant size.

Tips for smooth recovery after  breast implant surgery?

To reduce pain and fast recovery , pressure garment or post operative bra is must in your wardrobe. Doctor advised to wear bra strap to hold implant in position.

most important is to take plenty of rest for first week. Have lots of fluid and healthy diet following surgery. avoid doing houshold works and always ask for help for kitchen and household works.


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