At ESSENCE AESTHETIC CLINIC in Vadodara city, we perform hair transplant surgery at most ethical ,safe and advanced way.  We believe everyone should have good hair as it is crown for each and everyone.  After having surgery we should know what to avoid and what to do for best result. Read below article to know essential things after hair transplant  in Vadodara.

hair transplant in Vadodara

post  hair transplant look

Avoid Driving.

One should avoid driving for next 48 hours as usually during hair transplant surgery sedation is given. So if your surgery was under sedation , you should ask someone to pick you up.

Avoid drinking and smoking.

Alcohol drain fluid out from your body so make you dehydrated. That leads to fall in blood pressure and less supply of blood to newly implanted follicles.

Smoking also reduced blood flow so at least for 2 weeks avoid any form of nicotine after hair restoration surgery.

Avoid sleeping flat.

After hair transplant surgery avoid sleeping flat , you should keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. usually we do this for two or three days, but keep your head elevated while sleeping at least for 2 weeks.

Apply ice.

Ice application  do miracle while swelling appear. If you developed swelling immediately start applying ice for 10-20 mins a day. Even if  no swelling you should do it for three to four days as preventive measures.

Avoid scrubbing your hair.

At Essence aesthetic clinic we recommend avoid scratching or scrubbing while washing your hair for initial five days. Better use cut to rinse shampoo out of hair after washing.

Drink Plenty of water.

We recommend  to drink at least  10-12 glass of water, to keep your self hydrated.

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