Do you want to enhance facial features??

Do you want to have slim face and well contoured cheek??

Are you feel your face is chubby and fuller?

If you feel above all conditions happened with you, then this is right time to know facial fat removal surgery also known as buccal fat removal surgery. We are very amazed by inquiries we are getting from all over India as well from abroad about cost of buccal fat removal surgery in Vadodara.

What is Facial Fat removal (Buccal Fat removal) surgery??

Buccal fat is located in the cheek just behind  buccinator muscle, which helps in chewing. We at ESSENCE AESTHTIC CLINIC extract that fat and reshape your chubby cheek. Patient having big fat pad looks  like having fuller and chubby face.

1. Is Surgery the only way to remove the Buccal fat pad??

Buccal fat removal surgery is the only way for permanent fat loss from face. It create cheek hollow and enhance facial profile to a glamourous  and well contoured face. However we always advised to eat healthy food to avoid fat deposition in cheek.  We have developed very advanced technique to remove fat from intraoral incision so no cut marks over face.

2. The results are more look like you have contoured cheek .

The beauty of this procedure  is that the new  contoured cheek take shape of natural appearance. Cheek become more slimmer after few days of surgery as such first few days cheek look swollen due to  post procedure oedema. Every person has different time line to get healed. But after a few days all swelling settled down  and your cheek looks natural well contoured.

3. It improves facial features by giving v shape jaw line.

Removing or extracting facial fat from cheek deliver nice sharp v jaw line, hence your face become v shape slimmer. V shape face cut is ideal photogenic face. Today all women and male due to social media keep their face camera friendly and this buccal fat removal surgery in Vadodara gives you slimmer  photo friendly face.

4.    The Recovery time usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Your recovery period is 2-4 weeks variable person to person.  But usually it heals well in 2-4 weeks. final results seen in 3 months. You should follow your plastic surgeon’s advise after buccal fat removal surgery. Keep your head elevated and rinse your mouth frequently.

In conclusion you should choose best for your facial surgery. Choose authentic and qualified plastic surgeon always. We at Essence Aesthetic Clinic do facial surgery , antiaging surgery , liposuction , hair transplant surgery , breast augmentation surgery very frequently. You can call 9016929201/9016925883  to book an appointment.