Popularity of Liposuction in Vadodara increasing now a days. More and more males and females opting Liposuction surgery to have perfect body. Following are few things you must know before going for liposuction surgery in Vadodara.

1. what is the traditional Liposuction surgery?

Liposuction (also known as liposculpting) is a procedure in which we breakdown fat below skin layer and suctioned out with canula manually.  it is usually done on areas where fat is stubborn and notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. this surgery  is not weight reduction surgery rather its a body sculpting surgery.

2. Where liposuction can be performed?

There are few common areas in body like:

  • lower belly
  • love handles
  • bottom of upper arm
  • thighs
  • breast
  • double chin
  • bra strap
  • back

Every individual reflect different to diet and exercise. A qualified board certified plastic surgeon can tell you more about area where liposuction can make sense.

3. How liposuction is performed?

Liposuction surgery in vadodara is performed by putting tiny incision in skin which are not visible. Fat dissolving fluid also called as tumescent fluid is infiltrated in areas where liposuction is performed. We @essence aesthetic clinic use latest 4th generation ultra sound assisted device to melt fat with ultrasonic waves, which make suction easy and also leads to less pain and more skin retraction.

This is out patient surgery so usually patient allowed to go home after surgery on same day.

4. How is the recovery like??

Patient may feel some discomfort and pain for initial two or three days. Usually patient can resume her/his all duties and normal activities form 2-4 weeks. Few lifestyle modification like stop alcohol ,smoking dietary restriction will be advised.

One compulsory  advise that have to follow by everyone is compression garment.  One have to wear pressure garment for at least four to six weeks.

5. What expected scarring after liposuction??

Scar will be minimal as we use very small cannula. Scar depends on how much area we want to cover and cannula we use.

Qualified doctor will asses the site of insertion and assist you regarding location.

6.What kind of results you can expect after procedure?

There will be swelling and lose skin. Plastic surgeon will assist you to guide you regarding expected result.

one can have final result after 6 -8 months post procedure.


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