Dose massage helps in recovery after surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara is very common surgery being performed . Some may feel lumpiness or some may feel hardness after surgery and feels their male boobs return. Massage after gynecomastia surgery helps formation of subtle scar. people ask when to start and how to do ? here we are with some tips for massage after gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara.

Formation of scar after gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara.

Scar will occur if we do or we don’t do massage  after surgery but it definitely helps. If massage done after few weeks of gynecomastia surgery scar will be forms very soft and fasten healing process. Tendency of scar formation is different in each individual massage helps in various ways to deal with it.

Usefulness of  Massage.

After surgery our skin become sensitive to touch ,massage will help in reducing the skin sensitivity. Obviously Massage also helps in reducing post operative swelling and seroma collection. Scar tissue often get dry and cracks ,massage with silicon gel helps in hydrating scar. Massage also helps in reducing fluid collection and soreness after gynecomastia surgery.

Way to Massage.

If instructed to do. Raise your arm above head.  Apply your middle three fingers over hard scar, rotate them in circular motion initially slow. Gradually increase speed. You can also add some lubricant jelly or lotion. Usually we advice to start massage after three weeks of Gynecomastia surgery in Vadodara. Twice in a day helps reducing post operative pain and  reduce length of rest. Either You can also take help from professional also.

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