Usually we wonder why our hair loss start suddenly , what are the causes and what are the factors?? its usually nature like seasons , hormonal changes , food and environmental effects. Second thing is  how we nurture?? how we take care of our hair like using cosmetics to shampoos to several treatments.

We always want that our hair looks good fluffy and thick. Routinely we do silly mistakes doing  haircare either  washing your hair or conditioning or having some spa treatments. Being best hair transplant clinic in Vadodara  gives you some hair care tips to prevent hair loss while nurturing hair.

Applying too much heat causes hair loss!!!

We as our routine try to dry our hair after shampoo with help of Hair Dryer using too much heat. For straightening hair we use hot iron and which leads to fry our follicles and make them dry and brittle. So prevent these application of hot iron road or use low heat in blow dryer is the solution.

Using build up products!!!

As we always wanted to look stylish . We end up with using multiple hair products from gel, spray and foam to build up powder. These all  contains lots of harsh chemicals. All these chemicals are very harmful for our hair follicle so limiting these products helps reducing hair loss. Once a week hair oil application will give you more healthy hair instead.

Too much tight hair style leads to Hair loss!!!

When you too much tighten your hair that gives tremendous pull to your follicles. So as they reach to their breaking point strength they break and fall. Using too much pigtails, braids and pins for longer duration damage  your follicle strength. Being most searched hair transplant clinic in Vadodara on google we recommend less use of these hair styling products for longer duration.

Wrong method of brushing!!

After shower we immediately brushing our hair which very harmful. Immediately after shower our hair follicles are weak and they easily break down with slight pull. Usually this happens when we use brushing our wet hair. Let them dry and use brush  for hair styling.

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