We @ Essence aesthetic clinic in Vadodara are very much in to educating patients who are seeking Breast Augmentation surgery. we have listed commonly asked questions about breast augmentation surgery in Vadodara.  if you feel you need more information regarding this surgery feel to write us or contact us on below given number or e-mail.

1. How do I choose my new  exact size?

choosing the size is most difficult decision have to make while going for boob job. So we have made it so simple by having external breast implant sizer. you just have to insert different size implant sizer in your inner wear and you will have exact idea how it will look after surgery. though its depends lot on person to person and our surgical team will tell you the optimum size we should go ahead. so now no more question like how they will look after breast augmentation?

2. Is there any chance  surgery will increase chances of breast cancer??

This is the most common concern who are undergoing breast augmentation in Vadodara. Studies shoes that there are no any increased incidence who undergone boob job.  Neither implant hinder detection of early signs of breast cancer. And most important if any patient get cancer it will clear as normal as patient who has not done implant surgery.

3. Should I wait until I am done with my pregnancy  to have augmentation?

Pregnancy will definitely change shape and size of breasts so we recommend  to conceive pregnancy after six months of breast augmentation surgery in Vadodara. However it will not affect breast feeding  after implant surgery and it is safe for both mother and baby.

4.Will implant surgery work for me if I my breasts are loose and sagging?

Women having sagging breast can also go for breast implant surgery which increase the volume of breast. But lift will not happen for that she should undergo a different procedure called breast lift or mastopexy surgery. This surgery will add a scar around nipple areola complex. This surgery will lift, tight and augment both breasts.

5.Will sensation or feeling change of my nipples?

After breast augmentation surgery in Vadodara almost all feel some changes in nipple sensation, but they well come back after 6-12 months of duration.

6.When i can resume my work??

This lot depends on your type of job. We advise to restrict upper head movement till first week and avoid lifting till 6 weeks of surgery.

7. How much does surgery cost?

At your consultation we will guide you regarding all implant options and our payment policies. we also advise you regarding some pressyure garment and physiotherapy.


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